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New Noise Warning Sign - Newsletter - September 2009

We are pleased to announce a new Noise Warning Sign, imaginatively called the NoiseSign.

The NoiseSign's trigger level can be set between 40 and 114 dB(A), making it ideal for both noisy and quiet environments:

  • Factory Noise
  • Hospital and neonatal rooms
  • Clubs, discos and other entertainment venues
  • Schools
  • Libraries

Two different displays are available, one for Noisy Environments and one for Quiet Zones.

noise warning sign
Lights up when the noise
levels are too high

WARNING - High Noise Levels

  • Factories and other industrial environments
  • Warn staff that it is time to fit hearing protection
  • Ideal for areas with intermittent noise problems

Many industrial processes have occasions when the noise level exceeds an acceptable limit. Rather than insisting that staff wear hearing protection at all times, the NoiseSign can inform them when the levels are high.

More information about the NoiseSign...

warning high noise level
"Warning - High Noise Levels"

SHHH! - Quiet Zone

  • Hospitals and neonatal rooms
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Entertainment venues: hotels, discos & clubs

In areas that should remain quiet, a gentle reminder from the NoiseSign is better than a personal reminder, which will often cause offense. When the noise levels get above an acceptable limit, the sign lights up and gives the very clear SHHH! Quiet Zone message.

More information about the NoiseSign...

quiet zone
"SHHH - Quiet Zone "

Data Logger

  • Stores the noise levels measured by the sign
  • 1s, 2s, 10s or 1 minute samples
  • Graphical display on computer after download
  • Load into Excel for more detailed reporting

This is an optional plug-in unit that can be bought at the same time as the NoiseSign or added at a later date. It comes complete with software and plugs directly into your computer's USB port, like a memory stick.

More information about the NoiseSign Data Logger...

data logging noise warning sign
Data Logging Option

Remote Displays

  • Show the noise warning over a larger area
  • One sign can control three remote displays
  • Warn staff before they enter a noisy area

To help spread the noise warning around a larger area, one NoiseSign can be connected to up to three remote display units. A remote sign mounted at the door to a noisy area can warn staff before they enter.

Each remote display comes complete with a 32ft cable to connect back to the main unit or back to another remote sign.

More information about the NoiseSign Options...

remote noise warning signs
Remote Noise Sign Displays

Remote Microphone Options - Indoor or Outdoor

  • Mount the microphone up to 32ft from the noise warning sign
  • Higher accuracy with a Type 2 microphone and preamp
  • Use an outdoor microphone to monitor noise outside

If the noise needs to be measured away from the NoiseSign an extension cable with a Remote Preamplifier and Type 2 Microphone can be used. The microphone can then be mounted up to 30ft from the sign.

An Outdoor Microphone with weather protection can be mounted outside, with the NoiseSign itself mounted inside. For example, it can warn operators in a Control Room if high noise levels are being generated outside by a steam valve, machinery or other industrial processes.

More information about the NoiseSign Options...

mic extension on noise sign
Microphone Extension Cable
with Remote Preamplifier

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